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January 02, 2010

Michael Jackson the Golf Course?

Gary, Indiana, the hometown of the late and great Michael Jackson plans to honor MJ by building a ginormous theme park. The design of said park will be a mix of Jackson's Neverland Ranch and Chicago's former Riverview amusement park.

There will also be a Jackson family museum, a performing arts center and a 300-room hotel on roughly 100 acres.

That's nice... but here's why I'm writing today: The plans also include a golf course.

WTF? When I think of Michael Jackson I don't think of golf. Do you? I didn't think so. I guess the folks in Gary will do anything to cash-in on the "King of Pops" name.

The cost of this project is expected to hit $1 billion over the 10-year period it takes for construction.

My prediction for this project and the golf course: It will never happen. Why? Because where in the world are folks in Indiana going to come up with a billion dollars to fund it... Good luck.

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