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January 15, 2010

B.J. Upton Celebrity Golf Classic

Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder B.J. Upton is hosting the second B.J. Upton Celebrity Golf Classic tournament on January 25 at Tampa's Hunter's Green Country Club. The tournaments' goal is to raise money for the homeless in Tampa. The St. Vincent de Paul will be the beneficiary of the charity event.

It's rare these days to see celebrities give of themselves and help others. Too often we only hear about scandals, drugs, etc...

Here's how Upton puts it: "In the area where I live [in Tampa, Fla.], I see a lot of homeless people... That's kind of what triggered it for me. Seeing the guys under the bridge or the people standing at the stop signs asking for money made me want to do something to help the homeless. Obviously the situation in the Tampa Bay area is pretty significant."

If you're in the Tampa area and want to play in the tournament, you can call Latricia Goding at 757-532-8701 or 727-836-9702; she can also be reached via email at

Good work B.J. Upton - I hope your golf tournament is a major success!

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