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January 08, 2010

Is Geoff Ogilvy an Arrogant Jerk?

I don't personally know Australian Geoff Ogilvy, and I probably never will get to know him... but a recent quote of his leads me to believe he may a bit "full of himself."

You be the judge... here's what Ogilvy has to say on becoming the number 1 ranked golfer in Tiger Woods' abscence:

"No.1 in the world might be up for realistic grabs this year, depending on how it all takes shape. Even if he [Tiger] does come back [this year], I imagine it will be a very limited schedule. Even if he comes back and wins, nobody knows what's going to happen...  A lot of guys will be thinking here is my year... I am definitely one of those guys. When I play my best, I can play with anyone."

So as the 14th-ranked  golfer in the world I guess Ogilvy has a right to think he has a chance to become the top ranked golfer in the world in 2010.

But will he? I doubt it.

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