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January 07, 2010

Kevin Streelman's "Golf Like a Tour Pro" App for iPhone

Kevin Streelman, the winner of the Kodak Challenge last November, along with a hacker named Larry Slivka has just released an app for the iPhone.

It's called Golf Like a Tour Pro.

In short, this iPhone app lists 50 shots that an amateur golfer typically encounters on the course... Then, Streelman gives fundamental advice on how a pro thinks about each shot and show you how he handles it.

He does this in a clear and concise manner - with regular-speed and slow-motion videos so it's simple for any golfer to understand.

So if you read golf magazines, but can never seem to remember the tips when you get out on the golf course - this could be perfect for you.

It only costs $4.99 and has already sold over 7,000 copies.

Kevin Streelman and Slivka plan to develop a version for Google's DROID phone, and for DVDs and e-readers. Plus, that may develop another golf app with Streelman's PGA Tour peers later this year.

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