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January 02, 2010

Hit Down Dammit! by Clive Scarff

Hit Down Dammit! is a golf instructional program that will help you play better golf.

How? Simple, by teaching you to hit down at the ball. You see, Clive Scarff, the founder of Hit Down Dammit! says there are 2 types of golfers benefiting most from his system right now. These are:

1. The player who hits up at the ball. Someone who does not realize the golf ball should be hit with a downward blow.

2. The player who does not understand the concept and can't grasp the technique of hitting down at the ball.

Here's a primer video to give you an idea of his teaching philosophy:

Hit Down Dammit! also contains chapters that can help your golf game if you need help with any of these problems:
  • You can't get enough loft on the ball
  • You need to get more distance
  • You get the same distance from all of your clubs
  • You hit the ground before making contact with the ball
  • You need more consistency
  • You need help hitting your long irons and woods
Here's a sample (from his cool Phototron Fastcam in Slow Mo) of the quality video footage his program contains:

Pretty awesome, huh?

Clive Scarff, guarantees his program can work for any golfer (he has a money back guarantee if you decide it's not right for you) who needs to strike the ball better. As he put it, "Most golfers have more than enough ability... so the problem isn't with their talent, but with the fact they are trying to do something wrong. They are trying to hit up at the golf ball."

I strongly urge you to visit Clive's site and judge for yourself if this program is right for you.

Check it out here: Hit Down Dammit!
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