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January 10, 2010

Hireko Custom Golf Clubs

If you're looking for custom golf clubs, but don't want to pay the cost normally associated with custom clubs - custom fitted Hireko Golf Clubs are a great option.

They are recommended in the "Best Values" section in the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List Issue... and they consistently get 5 star ratings from golfers who use their clubs.

Hireko offers high quality custom-fit golf clubs, hybrids, fairway woods, drivers, putters, irons, wedges, junior golf clubs, golf club components, club assembly tools and golf accessories direct consumers. Hireko and Dynacraft International market the following brands Acer, Avatar, Power Play, Prophet, Synchron, Genesis, Oxygen, Pal Joey and iBella.

If you have any interest in getting custom fit golf clubs - I strongly urge you to check out: – Custom Fit Golf Clubs At Discount Prices... with Free Online Club Fitting - when you shop around.

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