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August 05, 2004

Battle at the Bridges

How sweet was it to come home from work on Monday night and watch golf? We all saw the team of Tiger Woods and Hank Kuehne beat Phil Mickelson and John Daly, but what was up with Hank on the front nine? And why did they pick Hank to play over someone like Ernie, Sergio, Davis and the list goes on. I understand he hits a long ball, but his game is not even close to the level of the other 3 guys he played with.

I find it interesting that this was the lowest rated Battle yet. With John Daly playing so well the day before, Tiger starting to play much better and the way crowds just go nuts for Phil, I don't get it. Perhaps ABC didn't promote the event enough. Whatever the case may be, I wish golf was on every Monday night.


Dirk Divot said...

I am not surprised to see it had the lowest ratings yet.. I even fell asleep in the middle of the back 9. The whole idea of these events is to bring golf to a bigger, prime-time audience. The players ham it up, make jokes, etc. Very little of that went on Monday night, as they seemed to be taking the match far too seriously, and actually trying to win the very big pot of cash for a day's work. ABC should cut down the purse (not likely, eh?), or better yet, give it all to charity after all is said and done. Maybe the players would then play for bragging rights, and have a little bit o' fun in the process. And put on a good show.

Anonymous said...

They may be stuck with Tiger, but they need some guys with personality like Trevino and Palmer.

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