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August 09, 2004

Cart girls

I don't think I'm alone here when I say "I don't want to see fat, old or ugly cart girls on the golf course". There's nothing better than getting served a nice cold Gatorade from a good looking cart girl when you're out playing with your buddies. It's always a thrill the first time during a round when you spot the cart chick coming over. Every guy in the group always start mumbling to one another, is she hot, what's she look like, can you see her. Before she even gets to your cart a guy knows whether or not he is going to purchase a drink or wait until the next water cooler. If the cart girl is hot, all guy's will be buying a drink.

Here's a bio and picture of a very hot cart girl. You know she must be raking in the tips.

Howdy partner.

This is what we want to see. Pretty, young and a nice body. Good job, you just got yourself a nice tip.

Under no circumstances should a guy ever be driving the beverage & snack cart. If golf clubs want to sell beverages & food out on the golf course, here's a few tips from No Three Putts: Hire pretty females, under 30, with nice bodies and the more leg shown the better. Here's a safe rule of thumb: The better looking the cart girl, the more we're going to buy.


Anonymous said...

You seriously think the girl in the 2nd picture is hot? I'm gonna say...I've seen better.

Anonymous said...

You better tip. The cart girls hate, I mean HATE all the old, sweaty fat guys they have to put up with. The smell alone is enough to make 'em gag!

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