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August 06, 2004

Golf fixes

How do I cure a hook?
How do I stop a slice?
How do I hit a fade?
How do I hit a draw?
How do I stop the yips?
Why do I chunk chips?
Why do I always skull it out of the bunker?
How do I hit the ball low?
How do I hit the ball high?
How do I hit from a side hill lie?

This list could go on forever. What is this list all about? These are the types of fixes too many golfers rely on golf magazines for the answers. I see golf magazines as interesting resources for possible ways to remedy items in the list above. But I do not think the golf tips in these magazines are a cure all for everyone.

I look at every golfer and golf swing as being totally unique. There is not one answer that will cure a hook for every golfer. Many of the fundamentals are the same across the board and in theory many of these tips will help or get you on track. But when it comes down to it every golfer has a different body style, different swing...

My point is this, do not rely on golf magazine tips to help your golf game. Take lessons or just go to the range and practice. Many of the problems above can be cured with a little bit of golf knowledge and practice. Also, flip the assistant pro at your club a twenty if you're having a problem, he'll give you 10 minutes of his time to help you. Trust me, I know he will.


Bunker said...

I read Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, but I avoid the tips and lessons completely.

The best self-help I ever got was "Swing Like a Pro", and I think it covers the basics better than anything else.

Woods~&~Wedges said...

It's especially funny when their articles contradict one another.

Cure a slice - tee high.
Cure a slice - tee low.
Need distance - spin ball for launch.
Need distance - low-spin ball for straight shots.

Too funny!

brian said...

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