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August 26, 2004


Is it me or do scrambles bring out the best and the worst in golfers? Scrambles bring out the best in golfers because you get to try things you would never try in a normal round of golf. And when you get to play with that, I'm gonna go for it attitude, you hit shots that you'll be talking about for weeks.

At the same time scrambles bring out the worst in golfers for the same reason they bring out the best. You try stupid shots that you have no chance in making but figure what the heck there's 3 other guy's in this group in case I screw up.

Now if you're the best golfer in the group many times you have the honor of hitting last. This way if someone else hits a decent shot you can really try something stupid. Or if everyone else in the group screwed up you don't get to go for it, you have to play the safe shot.

I enjoy playing in scrambles for several reasons: They are usually played on weekdays which means a day out of the office. Also, most of the time work pays for the foursome. You get to try golf shots you would never try in a normal round. Usually there are pretty good gift bags and prizes. The hole-in-one and long drive contests are always fun. And of course the free food and drinks on the course during the round. And if there's a buffet afterwards, you got the bonus plan baby.

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Anonymous said...

I hate playing a scramble. Here's why:
1. Players don't get to play out their own ball which is particularly disappointing if the event is being held on a 'name' course.
2. Scrambles have a deceptively slow pace of play which negatively impacts the players and course management.
3. The strongest player of the group typically accounts for 75% of the used shots which is disenfranchising to the rest of the team who end up feeling that their shots don't matter.
4. Watching four people all miss the same putt is particularly aggravating.

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