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August 03, 2004

Tiger Woods new grafalloy blue graphite shaft Nike Ignite driver

To all of you that are thinking of switching to the grafalloy blue graphite shaft Nike Ignite driver that Tiger Woods is now playing, I say don't do it. Although Tiger has been hitting the ball better off the tee than he has in a while, if this driver were so great it would be the buzz of the golf world. You know the buzz, like you hear about Scotty Cameron putters, Pro V1 balls and Natalie Gulbis. The buzz that causes half the players on tour to use the product or check out the hotties LPGA calendar.

This is the third driver that Tiger has played this year, Nike, Titleist, now back to Nike. Who knows what he'll be playing next month. There have been 3 winners this year using this driver, but I am still not sold. Time will tell if Nike really knows how to make golf equipment. I think of Nike as a sneaker and apparel company, not a golf equipment company.


Golf Grouch said...

FYI, Bridgestone makes most Nike equipment including balls and clubs. Here's an article about Nike's golf equipment business model.

Eric Stone said...

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Weight: This refers to the shaft's weight in grams. For that power and swing, shafts should not be too light or too heavy. It should be custom made for the optimum weight.
Flex: It is the measurement of the amount a shaft will bend under stress. The more flexible the shaft the easier it would be for the player to swing the ball.
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