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August 17, 2004

Larry Nelson's going to Q-School?

Larry Nelson, the same guy who has won 3 majors & 18 times on the Champions Tour, is thinking about entering Q-School this fall. Larry, who will be 57 next month, has not won on the PGA Tour since 1998.

Here's what Larry Nelson had to say "I'm seriously thinking about it if the dates work out, it's not that I necessarily want to play the Tour again. It would be kind of fun to go through the school. It's probably the best competition I'll have for a while." No Three Putts says "I don't see you winning every week on the Champions Tour, I think you should stick to competition your own age."

Is he out of his friggin head? I think senility is setting in early. He was a great golfer many moons ago, but to go out & try and keep up with these young guns is ridiculous. If he ever wants to get in the World Golf Hall of Fame embarrassing himself at Q-School certainly does not help matters. The young golfers will be out driving him by 50 yards.

And should Larry Nelson play good and actually qualify then what? Does he go play on the PGA Tour? Or does he just say, no thanks, just thought it would be fun to try and qualify. I had dinner with two guys who play on the Golden Bear Tour the other night. They'll be putting up the $4,500 to go to Q-School. I don't think either one of them will be too happy if Larry Nelson should qualify.

Larry Nelson, here's what No Three Putts has to say: "If you are going through a late mid-life crisis, go get yourself a sports car. Don't go to Q-School."

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