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August 18, 2004

Tiger Woods is a cry baby!

Is Tiger Woods the biggest whiner on tour? I'm not a fan of Tiger's to begin with, but when I hear him making excuses I get irritated. His group got a warning for slow play at the PGA Championship which made him lose his concentration, and then he heard a camera click which also threw him for a loop.

Here's what Tiger had to say "it's happened three times this week, and it's cost me four shots, it gets you completely out of rhythm. You're not used to hearing cameras go off when you're playing golf. And I should get my focus back, but I didn't do it."

He is correct when he says you're not used to cameras going off when playing golf. Key word being you're. Correct, I am not used to hearing a camera click on the golf course. But for the most photographed golfer in the world to say he's not used to a camera clicking when he's on the golf course is beyond ridiculous.

Tiger Woods please stop giving us these lame excuses. Admit it, you are no longer the feared golfer you once were. The competition has caught up to you and you're having a problem dealing with it. How you can still be the No. 1 ranked player in the world I'll never know. At least your thug of a caddy, Steve Williams, didn't steal anyone's camera or beat anyone up at this tournament.


Bunker said...

This whining about cameras is in direct contradiction to his and Earl's claims that Tiger trained all his life with noises in the background in order to be immune to such distractions.

I think he needs to dump Williams and refocus on playing golf. Both Jack and the Shark went through rough times while building their businesses, but Tiger isn't even doing that. He's just floating on Nike's largesse.

He just needs to take charge of his own life. Period.

Woods~&~Wedges said...

Kids, this is your career during implosion.

Woods~&~Wedges said...
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Woods~&~Wedges said...

Kids, this is your career during implosion.

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