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August 12, 2004

The PGA Championship a Minor Major

The PGA Championship starts today on the golf course of the billionaire bathroom accessory guy. You know who I mean, Herb Kohler, his name is on and around every toilet in the country. (If you've never read a toilet website the descriptions are pretty funny) I like this Herb Kohler fellow. The first reason is because my ass enjoys the comfort of the Kohler toilet in my bathroom and number two (no pun intended) because Herb set out to design as difficult a golf course as he possibly could. Here's a quote from Herb Kohler regarding why he wanted to have Pete Dye design such a tough course: "we just want to see the best in the world tested, so we can see the aspects of their mental makeup, their emotional makeup and their courage."

At 7,514 yards Whistling Straits is the longest golf course ever in a major. Three par-4s are at least 500 yards, one par-5 that is 618 yards and over 1,000 bunkers, Whistling Straits is: a golf course with some balls.

The one big problem I am going to have with the PGA Championship is if the pros start bitching that the course is too difficult. I am sure the tour officials won't make the same mistakes they made at the US Open with the greens. But if I hear one guy complain that there are too many bunkers, it's too windy or the course is too long I am going to go nuts! No one complains as golf technology continues to make advances, and no one should complain when new golf courses are built to challenge the modern golfer.

#17 - 223 yard par 3 - this should be a fun hole to watch. One thing I really like about this course is that although it's a links course, the fairways and greens are the correct color: green. I hope every greenskeeper in Ireland, Scotland and England are watching and taking notes. I also hope I don't see any of those stupid cheesehead hats in the gallery and while I'm at it no Packers shirts either.


timmay!!!!! said...

Go Vikings!

Anonymous said...

Herb Kohler is the douchebag Senator from WisCANson kown as Herb Kohl. Money CAN buy happiness.

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