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August 19, 2004

Golf Blog? No Three Putts what's a golf blog?

When I started this golf blog a few months ago I said to my family and friends "hey check out my golf blog, it's called No Three Putts." Here's what they had to say:

Golf Blog, WTF is that? (from my sister in CT who has an ever so eloquent way of saying things)
A what? (My Valley Girl sister in LA)
Golf blog? Do a porn site. (My buddy in Denver)
Great, now you won't talk to me about golf all the time. (My wife)
You suck & so does your golf game. (One of my golfing buddies from Jupiter)
Golf blog, sounds interesting, no clue what it is, but I'll check it out. (Thanks Dad)
I didn't know you were literate, nonetheless have the ability to write. (A roommate from Franklin Pierce College)
Who the hell is going to read a golf blog? (Too many people to list)

No Three Putts the golf blog is off to a great start. I've been mentioned in Golf World Magazine, on and even the king of all blogs the Instapundit has mentioned this golf blog.

To my readers I thank you for reading the banter I post. In the next month or two No Three Putts will be making a major announcement that is sure to rock the golf world. Can't say what it is now, but good things are a coming.

If you have any golf related topic that you want my thoughts on drop me a line. If you see an interesting golf picture or story send me a link. The one thing I will encourage you to do is forward a link to No Three Putts to all the golfers you know. Tell them you found: A golf blog with some balls!

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timmay!!!!! said...

denver had it right

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