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August 03, 2004

Martha Burk leave Augusta National alone

The town of Augusta, GA has agreed to pay Martha Burk's attorneys a sum of $120,000. Martha, the head of the National Council of Women's Organizations, claims her rights were violated because she was not allowed to protest outside of the main gate during the Masters. The town of Augusta claimed her group being at the main gate caused security issues and she was offered a location a half mile away to protest. Obviously this was not good enough for her.

Martha, why don't you leave Augusta National & the Masters alone. Why do you want to tarnish the most sacred of golf tournaments? If you have a problem with Augusta National take it up with Hootie & Co., but not during the Masters.

Below is an ad on the NCWO's website:

Here are some golf balls to really take your anger out on Martha.

Martha Burk, Augusta National will do what they want to do as far as their membership is concerned. Why don't you and your invasive group of women go open an all women's golf club and leave Augusta alone.

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Anonymous said...

With Martha, it's all about the publicity, and she probably figured that this particular publicity well was dry. I can't find the article, but I remember reading that Martha lives several miles from an all-male golf club but that she's never protested against that club, only against Augusta. Curious, no?

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