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August 22, 2004

Your son's 1st PGA Tour event

Taking your son to his first PGA Tour event makes for a very special day. A day that will give you both memories that will last a lifetime. One young boy and his father will definitely not forget the Saturday round of the NEC Invitational. An errant tee shot by Tiger Woods on the 8th hole dinged the young boy in the noggin. This sent the father and son off the course with the paramedics.

A summary of this father son trip to the NEC Invitational:

Cost of two tickets to the NEC: $50
Lunch for two: $28
A set of matching souvenir visors: $40

An autographed golf glove from Tiger Woods after smacking your son in the head with a bad drive: Worthless

I would have expected a little more if my son had been dinged in the head from Tiger Woods. A lousy $25 golf glove, big deal. This boy is scarred for life. He'll probably never want to be around a golf course ever again. I can only hope Tiger has the decency to call this kid, maybe send him some golf clubs, balls, and other golf paraphenelia to encourage him to get out there and play.

On the other hand: An autographed golf glove from Phil Mickelson: Priceless

My first tour event was the 1981 Sammy Davis Junior Greater Hartford Open. At the time the event was played at the Wethersfield Country Club. Now it is played down the road in Cromwell at the TPC River Highlands.


Woods~&~Wedges said...

I cannot speak to this incident, but people are generally standing WAY TOO CLOSE at these tournies. I could never hit with confidence if I had to play in this env. Some of these spectators are risking their eye sight and brain for a linear view of the tee shots.


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